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Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Here i have listed some books that have had a great influence on my wellbeing, some have been educational text books so i have listed them in the advance section. This list will grow and grow, keep an eye on it!

Advanced reading

Dr Kerryn Phelps & Craig Hassed

General practice - The Integrative approach, 2010.

One of my favourite textbooks, not only does Phelps & Hassed show you how to integrate the best of Western medicine and complementary therapies, the ones which are evidence based, they actually talk about the foods that contribute to creating an inflammatory response in the body when eaten, foods such as refined flour, too much processed meat and red meat consumption and dairy, which then in turn, create disease. I think sugar is also to be included here, i'm sure as more research (non industry funded research) is done, it will be.

General reading

Professor George Jelinek

Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis, 2009

I love this book because its actually written by a Professor of Emergency Medicine who saw his own mother crippled by MS that saw her to her death. He was so determined not to end up on the same path as his mother, so he did a lot of research and modified his diet and lifestyle according to the body of evidence found, remains drug free and relapse free from MS for over a decade! Inspirational reading on how lifestyle and diet adjustments can make a HUGE impact on one's health.

Ben Goldacre

Bad Pharma, 2012

This book highlights the bad (unethical) side of pharmaceutical industries, everything from flawed research literature to the misleading marketing of drugs, which is misleading both doctors and patients alike and is harming patients. Dr Goldacre does include highlights throughout the book on how the industry can be turned around and what can be done to fix the current problems in the industry and he should be commended for his effort for doing so.

Annie Grace

This Naked Mind, 2018

A book that educates you about alcohol and encourages you to have a positive and healthy relationship with it. It is a book that is highly recommended on the website hellosundaymorning.org. The book has been given outstanding reviews and is making a real difference in a lot of people's lives.

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