• Silvia Russo

French style beef stew

This dish is very similar to the classic French beef bourguignon, which I sometimes find I find I don't want to have it cooking for half a day and would rather have something on my plate in 45 min to an hour and tasting just as delicious!

Serves 4

Preparation time 20min

Cooking 45 min


1.5 kg organic beef cuts diced

2 large onions or shallots chopped finely

3 garlic cloves crushed

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

1 cup red wine

2 tablespoons organic bone broth concentrate

2 tablespoons good quality butter

1 cup leek sliced

4 sticks celery sliced

4 carrots sliced

1 cup sweet potato chopped

2 large tomatoes

2 red capsicums cut into small pieces

1 sprig of parsley

1 bay leaf

good pinch salt and pepper


Put in a casserole pot some olive oil with onions and garlic, stir till soft. Add in the beef, stir until browned on the outside, add the butter, salt and pepper. Add the wine, bone broth concentrate, vegetables and herbs. Put the lid on and simmer for 45 minutes to 1 hour, add water if needed depending on consistency, stir occasionally.


I love using Le Creuset which are French enameled cast iron cookware. They don't stick, are made with no nasty chemicals, the food tastes amazing and you can use them on the stove, oven and they are dishwasher safe too! They arn't cheap but they will last a lifetime.

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